Get started, quickly & easily 

Our EPA platform is so easy to tailor, set up and administer.  Delight your clients with state of the art testing, reporting, auditing & results management.

Save time

Automated tools speed up Standard & course creation.  Easy onboarding, reporting & auditing, advanced testing.

Boost sales

Showcase your expertise & unique value add services: our platform is crisp modern website to market your business.

Fully flexible 

Flexible Saas service that evolves as the EPA regime evolves - saving you time & development risk.

Peace of mind

Fully secure & GDPR compliant. Full audit access and audit trail of apprentice assessments, results and funding.

Kokm's EPA platform has been developed together with leading End Point Assessment Organisations

You benefit from tailored processes & user journeys designed to simplify the EPA process, from start to finish

Save time

Our comprehensive feature set allows you to save time on Standard creation, onboarding & admin, so that you can focus on building your assessment business

Ready to go

Our EPA platform is ready to go!  Save development time & risk, brand & tailor to your workflows at low cost & GO!

Easy onboarding

Quickly & easily onboard new employers and clients, with tailored journeys for each community.

Automated tools

Simplify Standard creation with automated tools, author once and re-use, re-use common resources. Self service reporting. 

From gateway to final award, kokm automates & simplifies the entire process


  • DISCRETE USER JOURNEYS apprentices, assessors, IQAs, EQAs, training providers, employers & the Government each have their own relevant journey and tailored views
  • FLEXIBLE GATEWAY PROCESS preload all apprentices pre-gateway at no charge, allow apprentices to start the gateway process only after they have been approved
  • TAILORED REPORTS & FEEDS training companies & employers can access the platform in real time & download self-service reports - saving you time!
  • EASY STANDARDS ASSESSMENT BUILDING pre constructed workflows automate all  objects in a course, significantly reduce assessment process creation time
  • FLEXIBLE OBJECTS flexible sequence of tasks
  • MULTIPLE ASSESSMENT METHODS advanced interactive content, create bespoke webforms with upload capability, no file size limit - support & facilitate testing, invigilated testing, onsite observation & real time assessment
  • PORTFOLIO SUBMISSIONS easy to upload a portfolio of work, including videos, audio & documents, includes integrated web conferencing
  • SIMPLE FEEDBACK PROCESS FOR THE ASSESSOR easy to use progress reporting and score individual items within a submission
  • SET WEIGHTED SCORES PER ELEMENT OF THE ASSESSMENT to produce an aggregated result, flexiblilty to create & name the level of achievement for each standard & name the level of that standard achieved
  • EASILY ADD MULTIPLE STANDARDS plus bulk upload questions, advanced and modern quiz and test capabilities
  • FULL E-COMMERCE enabled marketing website
  • EASY INTEGRATION to your existing business systems


How can we help?

If you are delivering End Point Assessment services, talk to us now!
We would love to discuss your End Point Assessment needs with you & see if we can help you grow your EPA business.
We specialise in working with our clients to tailor an EPA platform that works perfectly for their business & delights their clients!  

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